“Vancouver Studio (After Matisse), 2017” by Andy Dixon


Westbank + Ryan Holmes

This project is a collaboration between global city building practice Westbank and Ryan Holmes, a creative economy thoughtleader, who came together a few years ago to create workspace for the new economy firms that are driving a worldwide transformative shift. Together, Westbank and Ryan have come up with Main Alley; a project which not only reflects the future of workspace but that will help inform the future of work. Designed by frequent Westbank collaborator Henriquez Partners Architects, this project will be the impetus for imagining a future in which we not only work but create, collaborate and innovate.

This is the first project in our relationship together, but we foresee many new and interesting opportunities for collaboration on the horizon. Obviously, shared values are at the core of this partnership, but both of us also bring our own unique strengths and truly help each other to achieve our goals. This project and any others in the future, will have in common a determination to take a stand, for the creation of beauty in its broadest sense. Our cities are our future and we are committed to making them beautiful, more equitable, sustainable and prosperous. We invite you to join us in this cause and watch us do some insanely good work together.