Change = Potential

Every Industry on the Planet is in the Midst of Transformation

We are experiencing a wave of disruption that will shape the evolution of our economy and society, far into the future. The real estate industry has been slow to react and Main Alley, along with other projects such as Vancouver House, 400W.Georgia, Mirvish Village, Telus Garden, is our attempt to play a part in this transformation by helping drive the growth of the creative economy in Vancouver, Toronto and Seattle. At Main Alley, we have partnered with Ryan Holmes, the founder of Hootsuite, to help us navigate this change, starting with finding a location for our campus in the midst of this transformation.

Vancouver is at the Top of the Startup Ecosystem

A March 2017 Startup Genome report identified British Columbia as the top startup ecosystem in the country. Vancouver is at the centre of that opportunity. Our world-class creative and digital media talent with supportive institutions has created the fastest-growing technology sector in Canada. Vancouver is positioned to lead the country as a global digital industry supercluster.


Best Startup
Ecosystem in Canada


Ecosystem Value


Startup Growth index


Employed tech workers
Within Vancouver


Generated in revenue
Data from Startup Genome’s Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking 2017 report.


Best Startup
Ecosystem in the world


Startup Output Per Annum

3 out of 5

Canadian Unicorns
(Startups with > $1B valuation)


Employed tech workers in BC


Generated in GDP

Creating a Physical Foundation for the Creative Economy

In recent years, the growth of the creative economy in Vancouver has far surpassed the traditional industries in Vancouver and these creative economy businesses have had to make due with whatever premises were available. Our attempt is to – from the ground up – develop spaces that are particularly well-suited to address their needs.

Vancouver has become such a significant draw for the technology industry that it has been characterized as a new tech hub. Home to Slack, Hootsuite and BroadbandTV, three of Canada’s unicorns, each valued at over $1 billion, as well as global corporations such as Amazon, Samsung and Microsoft, our city is now made up of around 100,000 tech professionals, and the technology hub for the entire province is located in and around downtown Vancouver.

Our partnership with Ryan Holmes, at Main Alley, reflects our commitment to playing a meaningful role in the transformation of Vancouver’s creative economy. We’ve teamed up with Ryan, a thought-leader of the digital age, to create a new campus in one of North America’s fastest growing innovation hubs. Curated with the vision and thoughts of tomorrow, Main Alley will encompass large open spaces for high density workspace and neighbourhood retail, district energy, expansive exterior spaces to both connect and unplug, all connected to transit and located off the city’s most vibrant street.