Centrally Located

Main Alley is Set to Become One of the Best Connected Workspaces in the Country

Everything in real estate in Greater Vancouver today, as in Toronto, starts through the lens of access to transit. Without it you’re irrelevant. Main Alley is set to become one of the best-connected workspaces in the country. This was the genesis for the location of our campus.

Main Alley allows for effortless connections across Vancouver and out to Metro Vancouver districts, in a multitude of ways. The campus is connected to ten major bus lines traversing the immediate area. The 99, an express bus line with a daily ridership of 56,000 passengers, connects our site to Western Canada’s busiest transit hub at Broadway and Commercial and to UBC, one of Canada’s top 3 universities. This is the busiest bus corridor in North America.

At Main Alley, your nearest SkyTrain station, Main Street – Science World, is 5 minutes away. Main Street – Science World is part of the Expo Line, connecting Downtown Vancouver to Surrey. Today, the Expoline’s ridership exceeds 300,000 passengers a day. The Millennium Line added in 2002 and expanded with the Evergreen Line in 2016, connects downtown Vancouver with New Westminster and

Burnaby. The next phase was the Canada Line, which connects downtown Vancouver with Richmond and YVR Airport. Initially expected to have a ridership of 100,000 passengers a day, the line consistently averages 150,000 riders, with this number steadily increasing. The next phase is the expansion of the Millennium-Broadway Line, set to begin construction in 2019. The federal and provincial governments have both committed to funding the 4.4-billion-dollar expansion to form an east-west connection along Broadway. With a planned station minutes from our doorstep, on completion of this line, there will be no better connected workspace in this city.

The Neighbourhood


  1. Bao Bei
  2. Beta 5 Chocolates
  3. Bodega on Main
  4. Caffe Barney
  5. Campagnolo
  6. Cartems Donuts
  7. Chicha
  8. Dalina
  9. Earnest Ice Cream
  10. Elysian Coffee
  11. Fable Diner
  12. The Flying Pig
  13. Gene Coffee Bar
  14. Glory Juice Co.
  15. Hime Sushi
  16. The Juicetruck
  17. Kafka’s Coffee and Tea
  18. Kranky Cafe
  19. Nuba Café
  20. Pizzeria Farina
  21. Peaceful Restaurant
  22. R+B Ale and Pizza House
  23. Starbucks
  24. Sushi Loku
  25. Swiss Bakery
  26. Terra Breads
  27. Torafuku
  28. Tractor Foods
  29. The Union
  30. The Wallflower
  31. The Whip
  1. 33 Acres Brewing Co.
  2. The American
  3. Brassneck Brewery
  4. The Cascade Room
  5. CRAFT Beer Market
  6. Dubh Linn Gate
  7. The Keefer Bar
  8. Main Street Brewing Co.
  9. The Narrow Lounge
  10. Red Truck Beer Company
  11. Tap & Barrel
  1. BC Place
  2. Biltmore Cabaret
  3. The Cobalt Cabaret
  4. Fox Cabaret
  5. Rogers Arena
  6. Science World
  1. Creekside Comm. Centre
  2. Denman Bike Shop
  3. Kingsgate Mall
  4. London Drugs
  5. Long & McQuade Music
  6. Mt Pleasant Community Centre
  7. Mt Pleasant Public Library
  8. Our Community Bikes
  9. TD Bank
  1. Centre for Digital Media
  2. Columbia College
  3. Emily Carr University
  4. Goh Ballet Academy
  5. Mt Pleasant Elementary School
  6. Mt Pleasant YMCA Kids Club
  7. Nimbus School of Recording Arts
  8. Vancouver Film School
  1. The Beaumont Studios
  2. Equinox Gallery
  3. FIELD Contemporary
  4. Grunt Gallery
  5. South Main Gallery
  6. Winsor Gallery
  1. Andy Livingstone Park
  2. Coopers’ Park
  3. Creekside Park
  4. Dr. Sun Yat Sen Park
  5. Dude Chilling Park
  6. Hinge Park
  7. Jonathan Rogers Park
Artboard 1
Artboard 1