The Alleyway

Let’s Meet Outside

The Alleyway running parallel to Main Street, North – South from East 2nd Avenue to Broadway, is quickly becoming the route of choice for walkers and cyclists in the neighbourhood. Sheltered from Main Street, the lane is now a thorough-fare for foot traffic, creating opportunities for interactions and new paths connecting throughout the area.

The laneways and generous outdoor spaces at Main Alley will be an extension of the available workspace, providing opportunities to collaborate, connect and create. With custom treatments and furnishings, the laneways on the ground plane will act as a venue at all times of the day including weekends, with unique neighbourhood- serving retail at its flanks.

A constantly changing scene, the laneways will also play host to a range of activities including yoga classes, public seminars, and live music. Above, expansive private amenity decks offer options and flexibility to suit a variety of workspaces and tenant needs.

Main Street, immediately adjacent to Main Alley is already a vibrant thoroughfare which functions as a magnet for unique and interesting entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, retailers, employers, employees and residents. The street supports an ecosystem of eclectic boutiques and shops, eateries, craft breweries and independent cafes and heritage buildings, combined with street art by artists from around the world.

Main Alley, running parallel to what is already a cultural arterial for Vancouver, has a bright future as a new outlet and avenue around which this active cultural ecosystem can grow.