The Murals

The Murals Speak to the Essence of Main Alley - Inspiration

These murals represent something that speaks to the essence of Main Alley – inspiration. A few of the murals were completed on our property at Main Alley in August 2017, in a collaboration with the Vancouver Mural Festival.

Westbank and Ryan Holmes, through Hootsuite, were community supporters for the festival providing space on our site for events and walls for muralists to paint on. We donated 3 walls at our site as canvasses for the creation of these amazing, permanent art pieces, each by a different artist. These murals are a symbol in the most vivid form, of what we are trying to achieve with the creation of this campus, within this diverse neighbourhood.

Vancouver Mural Festival, in just its second year, uses Main Street and the Mount Pleasant neighborhood as a canvas for more than 50 large-scale murals to support the growth and development of local artists in our city. We plan not only to be involved with VMF for years to come, but also to play a similar supporting role for creative firms, to help catalyze the growth of Vancouver’s creative economy.

The campus at Main Alley will be a platform for the current and next generation to share ideas, benefit from proximity and immerse themselves in the broader community in which they stand to make a substantial contribution.