111 E 5th Partnership and 111 E 5th Property Inc. Exemption under Section 88 (3) of the UCA

111 E 5th Partnership and 111 E 5th Property Inc. (Applicant) have applied, pursuant to section 88(3) of the Utilities Commission Act (UCA), for an exemption from Part 3 of the UCA, which gives the British Columbia Utilities Commission the authority to oversee a public utility with respect to its commercial operations, rates, reliability, and safety, as well as section 71 of the UCA which gives the BCUC oversight over a public utility’s energy purchase agreements. The Applicant owns and operates an 8-metre length of electrical infrastructure which it will use to resell, at flow-through rates, electricity it purchases from the British Columbia Hydro Authority (BC Hydro) to Creative Energy Mount Pleasant Limited Partnership (CEMP). This electricity will be used to energise the Mount Pleasant District Cooling System (DCS), which will in turn supply cooling energy to all buildings in a five-building development located at Main Street and East 5th Avenue in Vancouver in which both the Mount Pleasant DCS and the Applicant’s premises are located.

How to Participate

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Important Dates

Thursday, November 30, 2023
Deadline to submit a letter of comment to the BCUC

For more information about the Application, please visit the Proceeding Webpage on bcuc.com under “Our Work – Proceedings”. To learn more about getting involved, please visit our website at www.bcuc.com/get-involved or contact us at the information below.

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